The innovative cloud-like database provider


Every database is 100% private and shared only among our community.


Our prices are unbeatable. For only 49$ per month, you'll get millions of database entries, that you would pay 10x more.

Easy to Use

Panel is very easy to use and pretty much self explanatory.


We offer premium 24/7 support to all of our customers.


Its all automatic! You don't have to contact anyone on any chatting platform. If you want to buy and start using databases you can do that in few clicks!

Cloud Based

Innovative idea ready to conquer all database sellers.


Each database has a category

All lists are categorized in a lot of different categories that we offer!


Always up to date

All lists are fresh and personally dumped.


Everything is robotic

Everything is done by robots, no waiting time for anyone!

More Features

Our service includes but not limited to:

  • Newbie Friendly Panel
  • Automatic Purchases
  • Automatic Activation
  • Categorized Databases
  • 80 Daily Downloads
  • Safe & Secure

We understand that in today's world everyone wants to be fast and efficient, especially in business like this. Therefore we made sure that we make our website as much newbie friendly as we can and in the same time to be fast, efficient and automatic. We are proud to say that we managed to achieve that.


$49.99 / 30 days

  • All dumps available
  • 30 Days Access
  • 80 Daily Downloads
  • Dedicated Support


$119.99 / 90 days

  • All dumps available
  • 90 Days Access
  • 80 Daily Downloads
  • Dedicated Support
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Secluded.VIP?

Secluded.VIP is cloud-based combos/dumps provider.

What will I get when I purchase membership on website?

After you purchase membership on our website you will get access to the panel in which you will be able to download databases of your wish.

What combos do you provide?

We provide almost any type of combos/databases. We don't focus on specific genre.

Are these dumps private?

Yes, dumps are completely private. We check our lists on multiple antipublic software's to make sure we deliver best lists. Although dumps are shared amongst the members of the cloud, we will make sure our members have enough lists to cover their needs.

How to contact owners?

For any questions about Secluded or anything else you can contact us on or Discord (Denny#5311 & bliss#6987) or Telegram (@D3nny1337 & @Bliss51) or Skype ( & live:fejsjesranje)